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France is known throughout the world for its refined, delicious and flavorful gastronomy. We are lucky to be able to taste dishes from all regions of France, each tastier than the other. Examples include beef bourguignon, veal blanquette, Breton pancakes, marinière mussels, Savoyard and Burgundy fondue or even cassoulet and sauerkraut.

During a meal with family or friends, why not impress your guests or even let them discover the specialties of French cuisine? Our local dishes will never fail to please our palates!
Foie gras:
It is on all the tables for the end of the year celebrations. Even if the world associates this specialty with France, the tradition of goose force-feeding dates back to Antiquity.
Oysters are the second flagship product found during the end-of-year celebrations. This shellfish can be eaten hot, but connoisseurs generally prefer it raw and alive. Oysters can be eaten plain or with a squeeze of lemon juice, vinegar or shallot sauce.

Snails with parsley butter:

Let’s go back to Burgundy to discover another atypical French recipe, that of snails in parsley butter, commonly called “escargots à la bourguignonne”. Cooked as the name suggests with a butter and parsley cream, they are presented in their shells and are eaten with a small peak.

Charente muclade:

The La Rochelle and Ile de Ré area is popular as soon as the mild temperatures return. The many visitors, charmed by the culinary specialties of the region, make this tasty recipe at home. Bouchot mussels (this is a very popular breed) are cooked with shallots, garlic cloves, bouquet garni, spices, eggs, cream and, above all, Pineau des Charentes (the alcohol in the region).

Breton pancakes:

Following a gourmet craze, Breton crêperies are almost everywhere in France. What is a cake? It is a savory crepe, made with buckwheat flour, which gives it its gray color. Even if the traditional fillings are ham/cheese/egg and Andouille/onion, the menus have lengthened over time and are becoming more and more innovative.

Flemish stew;
You will find a wide choice of beers in the North of France. The proximity of Belgium has, in fact, inspired the housewives who cook Carbonnade Flamande from generation to generation.

It is a beef dish, simmered in lager and herbs. At the end of cooking, a little traditional mustard gingerbread is added to give even more flavor to this sweet and savory dish.

Quiche Lorraine:

Let’s travel to Lorraine to discover the original recipe. The quiche Lorraine is, according to the Lorraine tradition, a pie garnished with a mixture composed of fresh cream, milk, eggs, nutmeg and grilled bacon.

These last ingredients give it a little smoky taste, so appreciated in the four corners of France.

Today, quiche Lorraine has become so popular that you may find it, in a bakery or restaurant, in a more modern version: with mushrooms, leeks, chicken.

Fondue bourguignonne:

Here is another type of fondue. This time, we no longer dip pieces of bread in cheese, but pieces of raw meat (usually beef) in boiling oil, which allows the meat to be cooked.

Do not be fooled by its name, because although it is popular in France, it does not come from Burgundy, but from Switzerland!

Its name refers to the beef which is the basis of this dish.

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