Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is among the most varied in the world. It is at the crossroads of Oriental, Mediterranean and Asian gastronomy. This reflects the geographical location of the country, at the crossroads of continents, Turkey is a civilizational crossroads that has been able to enjoy and keep the best of the influences it has known.

Considered the third richest gastronomy in the world after French and Chinese cuisine, it will delight all palates. It is also due to the abundance of the country’s natural resources that Turkish cuisine has been able to shape itself: Turkey is a pioneer in the field of agribusiness and agriculture occupies a large part in the economy.

Turkish gastronomy is an art: it has special methods of preparation, a service order and unique utensils. Also, the way to sit down is important.

Main courses:

Mantis: Cappadocia is a land that has remained authentic and its cuisine has the reputation of being the tastiest in the country: the best mantis come from Kayseri and are ravioli filled with minced lamb or beef. They are eaten with a yogurt sauce and tomato sauce, accompanied by paprika and garlic. This is usually the favorite of foreigners.

Testi kebap: in French the “kebab pottery” is a must in the region. The city of Avanos is renowned for the art of pottery, and it is therefore since the hittite period that kebab is prepared in a clay pot or jug. It is usually prepared with lamb, beef or chicken with many vegetables like carrots, celery, onions, garlic and potatoes.

Baked in a “tandoor”, traditional oven, the jar is closed with bread dough and simmered in its own juice for hours. This is the secret of its unique taste. When it’s ready, the burning jar is broken in front of the customer, releasing all the aromas of its contents, turning the meal into a fun and tasty show.

Tantuni kebap: Eastern Turkey is renowned for its unparalleled cuisine and many dishes originate from there. This kebab comes from Mersin and it is a durüm filled with meat and spices.

Turkish Cuisine:

Adana kebap: If you are a fan of spices, adana kebap is mandatory, from the city of Adana. To marry with ayran, milk drink based on yogurt and salt. The ayran does not always appeal at first sight to the Western tourist, but to try it a second time is to adopt it! The combination of spices, meat and yogurt is a clever blend that allows you to enjoy all the flavors of the dish without burning your palate.

Urfa kebap: and if spices are not your thing, Turkish cuisine has also thought of you! Urfa kebap, from the city of Urfa is similar to adana kebap but without spices.

Iskender: meat with pieces of bread, tomato sauce and yogurt accompanied by a pepper with a butter sauce that is poured hot in front of you! Very caloric

The Dessert:

Baklava: sweet dish consisting of sugar syrup with nuts. This is the most famous dessert in Turkey!

Dolaz: honey cake, specialty of Nevsehir, capital of the Cappadocia region.

Sutlaç: rice cooked in sweetened milk, served cold in Turkey

Kazandibi: preparation with vanilla and rice flour

Güllaç: milk dessert with special güllaç leaves and rose water, nuts, pomegranate and milk

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