American food is one of the favorite foods

American food is one of the favorite foods of millions of people around the world. American dishes are not purely traditional, and they have gained their flavor and great taste from different parts of the world. Many American dishes are considered a daily staple for many people around the world.

– pancake

Pancakes are one of the most favorite American dishes served for breakfast in various countries of the world. Pancakes are a sweet dish that gives a person energy, and helps them to complete their day actively. Made with flour, butter and eggs, blended until soft, and cooked through, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You can add a little melted butter to it after cooking, which gives it an extra distinct flavor in addition to the chocolate and honey.

club sandwich

One of the foods served in American cafes and bars. No one knows the origin of this sandwich yet, but it has a wonderful and distinctive taste. The sandwich consists of tender, juicy turkey, avocado, honey mustard and delicious slices of bread.

Roast beef ribs

No one can resist the great taste of barbecue. These ribs are made from beef and then grilled to make them tender and juicy. Add to it the delicious hot barbecue sauce. Wherever you roam in the states, you’ll find food trucks serving those delicious ribs and you won’t get enough of it.

cheese burger

Cheeseburger is a Native American food that dates back to the 19th century and is the true meaning of hamburger. Its fame increased in the United States in the twenties and thirties, where it became one of the foods that Americans eat the most, and according to the Huffington Post journalist, Americans eat fifty billion burgers annually, while around the world the number is many times that.

fried chicken

Who among us does not frequent KFC restaurants daily. Fried chicken is one of the most popular traditional meals in the United States and locals eat it daily. In other countries, many people frequent Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants daily to eat this delicious dish.

– Chicken Wings

This dish spread in the seventies, and is one of the most popular local foods in the United States. New York chicken wings are some of the best in the states with great taste and delicious flavour. Fry the chicken wings in plenty of oil until it turns golden, usually served with ketchup and French fries. Over thirteen and a half billion pieces sold in a year


It is one of the favorite foods of Americans and many people around the world. There is more than one way to prepare steak, such as mushroom sauce and other recipes, but the traditional way to prepare an authentic American steak is to add a little salt and pepper to a carefully selected steak, then cook it in a hot frying pan meticulously and quickly until it acquires that layer that is crunchy on the outside and becomes soft and juicy from Inside. Serve this steak with a delicious miso sauce.

– mashed potatoes

The Thanksgiving table in the United States is full of delicious mashed potatoes. This dish is made of boiled potatoes, cream and a little garlic, salt and black pepper.

Apple pie

Apple pie is a traditional delicacy in the states, made with thin dough and delicious apples. Immigrants brought apples to the United States, and used this wonderful fruit to make the most delicious and famous pies in the world. Making that pie was not a luxury or something, but the immigrants made it to fill their stomachs so that they would not feel hungry.

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