German cuisine is one of the foods

German cuisine is one of the foods rich in nutrients and beneficial to health, and although German cuisine is not characterized by the same fame as Italian and French cuisine in the Arab world, it offers delicious and delicious dishes that are always on the menu in luxury and regular restaurants, as well as its fame with different types of Desserts and pies such as apple pie, peach cream pie, raspberry pie, etc. It is worth noting that each region in Germany has its own special dish.

Apple pie

It is a kind of delicious pastry stuffed with apples, sugar, raisins and almonds, as well as cinnamon-scented breadcrumbs. Apple pie consists of layers of flakes of fluffy dough wrapped around a sugary apple filling and then baked and sprinkled with fine sugar after maturity.


It is one of the best traditional German foods sold in the streets of Germany. It is an omelette made of grated potatoes, flour and eggs, in addition to onions and a set of spices. It can be eaten salty as a side dish next to a main dish of meat or fish, or eaten as dessert with apple sauce or berries. .

Rote – Grote:

It is one of the popular sweets that northern Germany is famous for, and it is prepared from red wild fruits that are grown in forests such as black or red currants and berries, and sometimes it is prepared from strawberries or cherries and is cooked like jam with a little corn-starch to add to it a thick texture, and is Served with vanilla, cream or milk sauce.


It is the popular cake in German cuisine. It is made of white flour, yeast and baking soda. It is also covered with coarse salt, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, in addition to cheese sometimes.

Kartoffelpuffer – Potato Pancake:
Kartophilbofer or potato pancakes are pies cooked in a flat pan such as pancakes and are made from a mixture of chopped potatoes, flour, onions, eggs and after spices and these pancakes can be eaten as a salty side dish along with a main dish of meat or fish and can be eaten as a sweet dish by adding apple sauce, berries, sugar and cinnamon, and potato pancakes are usually sold on food carts in german streets and markets.

.Eintopf – Vegetable and meat stew:

Eating intops or stewing vegetables and meat, one of the most beloved ways that Germans use to spend cold winter nights, the main ingredients that make up this dish are broth, some vegetables such as potatoes or legumes and some pieces of meat are usually beef or chicken but sometimes fish are used to prepare the dish.

Kasespatzle – German Cherie:

Dillesli is a type of shi’ari famous in German cuisine and the origins of this dish are returned to Austria and Hungary, and are made of wheat flour and eggs and this dish is very popular especially in the region of southern Germany, and this dish is often decorated with cheese and sometimes added to grilled onion slices, and served hot.

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