healthy green smoothie and oatmeal with milk

How to make oatmeal with milk

Milk oatmeal drink

Oatmeal drink with milk is one of the drinks rich in nutritional benefits, which gives the body high energy and a sense of satiety because it contains different ingredients, its distinctive taste, and its preparation is easy.

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time:

Total time: 10 minutes


a cup of milk

Quarter cup of oats

Half a mashed banana

honey spoon

cocoa spoon

chia seeds spoon

Quarter cup of yoghurt

How to prepare

  1. In the electric mixer, put the mashed bananas and milk and run it until they mix together well.
  2. Then add both the oats, cocoa and yoghurt and run the blender until the ingredients are well mixed.
  3. Finally, we put both the honey and chia seeds and mix all the ingredients together until they are completely mixed.
  4. This is how the drink is ready. Drink a cup of it that will give awesome strength and immunity to the body, not to mention that it will renew youth because it contains chia seeds, health and here.

How to make a healthy green smoothie

A green smoothie is very healthy and you can eat it before exercising, and it is easy to prepare. All the ingredients of this smoothie are from green vegetables that boost your health and give your skin the glow it deserves.

the components:

½ large cucumber

1 large carrot

2 sticks of celery

Two handfuls of spinach

¼ avocado

Raspberry, pineapple, apple or banana, as desired

How to prepare:

  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until combined.
  2. You can change the flavor of your smoothie by adding a handful of berries, pineapple, apple, or banana.
  3. Enjoy the taste!




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