Moroccan cuisine: moroccan specialties

Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of African and Asian cuisine with very spicy and especially very spicy dishes. Moroccan cuisine is composed of several recipes, the best known of all is Tajine. Tajine is a very varied recipe that can be prepared in several ways namely: the Tajine with chicken, the Tajine with vegetables, the Tajines with seafood etc. Couscous is also a recipe very appreciated throughout the Maghreb; it can also be cooked in multiple ways and can also be cooked with any type of meat. Apart from the recipes mentioned above, pastry is also a delight that Moroccans experience to make sweet lovers happy. So, don’t hesitate; go to this country and taste these specialties.

The Moroccan Tagine;It is the emblematic Moroccan dish most loved by the people, it is prepared sweet or salty accompanied by all meats, any type of vegetable without forgetting the spices that give good taste to the Tajine. Once in Morocco, enjoy this beautiful dish of Moroccan Tajine that is the pride of Moroccan cuisine.


Couscous is also one of the most loved Moroccan dishes and is still the pride of Moroccan gastronomy. Of Berber origin, this dish in a traditional way, it is served on Friday in modi but today it is served every day of the week. It is a dish that is composed of meat, vegetable and steamed wheat semolina. It can be eaten hot or cold. Couscous, the pride of Moroccan cuisine.

 Pastilla ;

The pastilla is the third meal of Morocco, originating from the city of Fez, it is consumed sometimes as a starter or as a main meal. It is a dish that is composed of puff pastry made from the brick leaves, stuffed with chicken or meat all covered with sugar and cinnamon. It is usually prepared during large ceremonies such as weddings.


Originaire de la région de Casablanca, la Rfissa est un plat délicieux composé de fines feuilles de msemen, de lentilles et d’une sauce au poulet tout bien farfumé et aromatisé.

Moroccan tea :

The preparation of mint tea is quite an art in Morocco. Very famous in Magreb, green tea or chāï bil n’anā), has the particularity of being prepared by men. To drink very hot, this Moroccan tea is synonymous with conviviality and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Captivating, the flavor of this Moroccan tea mixing green tea and mint, takes you across borders and plunges you into the heart of the land of the setting sun. Moroccan mint tea is very easy to prepare. What do you need? 3 to 4 teaspoons of green tea – Favor high quality teas 1 bunch of fragrant fresh mint – 1.5L of water 1 glass of water – for rinsing green tea 10 sugar stones.

Moroccan msaman:

Convenient to be transported during a picnic, the msemen is a Moroccan pancake made from semolina and flour that can be made in both sweet and savory versions. It can be garnished at its convenience with vegetables, meat or fish. This delicious pancake is also found in Algerian cuisine under the name of Mhjeb. It is often served with honey and accompanied by a good glass of mint tea. Heated with Nutella, the msemen is also a real treat. During the holy month of Ramadan, this pancake is a must. The key to the success of this recipe is in the dough that will have to be well worked as well as in the success of the puff pastry with butter or oil. Today we present you a recipe for this Moroccan pancake that will please you.

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