The most famous American dishes that conquered the world

American dishes are diverse, and many of their ingredients enjoy international acceptance and spread. Meals such as hot dogs and burgers are popular in the United States and abroad, but they are not the only popular dishes. In this article, we list some of the most famous American dishes that you can enjoy during your visit to America.

The most famous American salty dishes:

San Francisco sourdough bread:

Many people love sourdough bread and consider it tastier than regular bread, and it is an ancient food that the ancient Egyptians are said to have used, while in America it is said that French bakers started making it when they arrived in the city. San Francisco sourdough bread is made from beer yeast and dough, and is healthier than regular bread, if you visit San Francisco don’t forget to try it


The hamburger, or what we call the burger, is a sandwich of minced marinated meat or chicken with the addition of vegetables, mayonnaise and ketchup. Did you expect that this meal that is famous for fast food restaurants all over the world originated in the United States of America?!

The Library of Congress says that the delicious hamburger sandwich originated in 1985 AD in New Haven, Connecticut, and was made in a facility run by a man named Louis Lassen. types of meat.

There’s also the cheeseburger, which is said to have originated in the 1920s, as a young chef accidentally burned a burger! To make up for his mistake, he melted cheese on a burger, which later became one of America’s most popular dishes.

Thanksgiving lunch

Thanksgiving Day in the United States is famous for providing special American dishes for that day. Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of every November. It is an official holiday across America, in which the individual meets his family and friends, so it is considered a special day in which different dishes are served, but the most famous of them are In connection with the Thanksgiving tradition is turkey.

Roast turkey served with side dishes of various vegetables, and cranberry chutney, pumpkin pie and green bean casserole are hearty and delicious recipes also associated with Thanksgiving.

Chicago Pizza:

Pizza is a food spread all over the world and is considered a fast food food, but Chicago pizza differs from the rest of the well-known types of pizza, and it is one of the famous food dishes in the United States of America, and is characterized by the city of Chicago specifically, as it is said that it started from there.

What makes it different is that it is baked in a deep tray similar to a cake or pie tray, the dough is pressed on the edges of the pot to give it its high distinctive edge, so that the edge is thick like a pie, baked with meat or vegetables, and also uses cheese and a lot of tomato sauce, do not miss trying this The signature pizza during your visit to America.

hot dogs:

The ancestry of the hot dog goes back to the German immigrant “Charles Vettelmann,” who was said to have invented sausages. Hot dog sausages in particular are attributed to the Polish immigrant “Nathan Handwerker,” who turned hot dog sausage into a popular meal in the United States of America.

Hot dogs are meat wrapped in a cylindrical shape, served grilled or cooked, to which spices, ketchup, mayonnaise and cheese sauce are added, and the hot dog is one of the most famous American dishes as it is grilled on summer picnics, holidays and barbecues, and has also become associated with baseball and American culture, served by restaurants Fast food in America and all over the world in abundance.

corn bread:

Cornbread is one of the traditional food dishes spread in American homes, where the corn kernels are ground into fine flour, then kneaded using baking powder and fermented a little, then baked with different flavors such as cheese flavor or vegetable flavor.

Cornbread is fast-cooking, and it is spread in most American states and among different cultures and ethnicities, but it is considered one of the most famous dishes in the American South.

BBQ meat

You must have heard that BBQ meat is delicious! Barbecue really tastes like it’s been heard. It is meat that is slowly grilled at a low temperature, and the meat is often not directly exposed to heat as it is placed on a grill or cooking surface until it reaches the level of leveling, the low temperature and the long distance that the meat takes gives it a soft and smokey taste that you may not find in other ways I advise you not to miss out on trying this delicious dish.

Alaskan salmon

If you are a fish lover, Alaskan salmon is an excellent choice, unlike 99.8% farmed Atlantic salmon, Alaskan salmon is considered wild, meaning it lives and eats in a healthier and cleaner environment, and does not use organic materials and industrial inputs, so men take the risk They gave their lives for this delicious dish.

Alaskan salmon season coincides with the return of fish to spawning streams, guided by their sense of smell to the exact place in which they were born, and Alaskan biologists must be sure; Many salmon have already passed upstream to lay eggs before they are allowed to hunt.


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