The most famous American sweet dishes:

Apple pie

You may have heard of apple pie a lot when watching an American movie or cooking show. It is one of the most popular dishes in the United States of America, and it can be called a national food, as it is spread all over America.

The pie is a mixture of sugar, dough, and butter, in addition to the most important ingredient, which is apple slices. With the abundance of apples in America, this makes the pie affordable food. You can try it with various flavors and recipes, for example, apple pie with green pepper.

Raspberry pie

The blueberry pie appeared with the early colonists, who did not have ovens for cooking and baking, so they came up with the invention of the berry pie, a fruit dish with dough that could be cooked in a frying pan or pot over a fire.

Preparing this dish is easy, as you do not have to peel the berries or cut them, as they are small and the peel can be eaten. A layer of dough is placed and then the berries are placed on it and then covered with another layer of dough or it can not be covered with another layer, and it is usually eaten in the summer because Cranberry season.

lemon tart

In the late nineteenth century, a woman named Aunt Sally made the first lemon tart, she was a chef for a millionaire named William Carey, and from there the pie was launched, the pie consists of ginger biscuits and butter, and its creamy filling is made of egg yolk, and lemon juice, the ingredient that He gave it its name, and condensed milk is also used in it, and it can also be decorated with cream and lemon peel. A tart ginger biscuit with lemon makes it a special dish worth trying

Whether you go to stay in America or you are visiting it, trying the menu that I have listed in this article of American dishes will be beautiful and exciting, the food reflects a lot of the culture of the countries in addition to being delicious and delicious, do not miss the opportunity to try different flavors. As for meat, there are restaurants that serve halal meat with delicious and different flavors that you can search for and get a unique experience with American cuisine.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the staples of American cuisine, especially at breakfast. Peanut paste was first introduced to clients at Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s Clinic in Battle Creek, Michigan. Peanut paste was improved upon when chemist Joseph Rosefield added hydrogenated vegetable oil to peanut butter in 1922.

A peanut butter sandwich is popular as a snack that children can take to school. It can also be served with mashed ripe bananas or grilled with butter. It is rich in nutrients, especially protein.

lobster roll

The name may sound unfamiliar to you! But as I read it exactly, lobster rolls are one of the most famous American food dishes, especially in the summer. It consists of special bread stuffed with lobster meat or the so-called lobster. The meat is minced and seasoned, then fried to be served with vegetables, ketchup and butter, and it is wrapped on bread in various ways. different and distinctive.

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